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Mary Barra

A dig at new GM CEO Mary Barra under the Economist Headline “What do you recall?” Begins to make waves. Can another bankruptcy fling prop up GM and its’ dealers?

Media and digital ad geniuses already are crafting campaigns of vitriol aimed at its’ rivals. Minnie the GM Mouse and “Mary Poppins” already are planning big “redemption” campaigns

Justice Department strategists could cite GM for criminal violations, which would subject GM execs to liability for delaying repair citations among vehicle owners or dealers.

To avoid costly fines and even sentences, GM once again may be compelled to renew its bankruptcy court litigation and seek federal managers.

Ms. Barra, a GM “lifer” and technology chief, never dreamed of such an operatic scenario.

A cast for the opera featuring such dramatic arias could feature “Maria Barra” as the soprano and protagonist surrounded by male tenors and baritones.

We can imagine an ignition –breakdown on stage with Maria caught between two “lovers” as she tries to restart a Camaro or Malibu.

This operatic scene could move from NY City’s auto show April 16-17 to the Metropolitan Opera later on. They’re rehearsing already for the auto show debut of “MARIA BARRA” or maybe “TOSCA”.