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24 E-Cars Bow at LA

Green Cars at Los Angeles Auto Show

Here’s a metric that will light up the screens and auto news roundups of all the print media in the top-rung Los Angeles market: 24 all-electric or plug-in hybrid 2013 models will punctuate the L.A. show, which is the site of the second best attended show in the U.S. Audience-grabber choice of “Green car of […]

E-Car Industry Tested

The electric-car industry suffered a severe blow in mid-October when key battery producer A123 Systems filed a Bankruptcy Court petition. A producer of lithium ion batteries, A123 had received a $299.2 million grant from the U.S. Energy Department, which also gave parent company Fisker Automotive a $529 million loan to develop and plug-in hybrid cars. […]

Road Ahead: Change Your Mind

autowriters feature road ahead

We need to wake up and begin paying attention, to realize we can’t continue like we have, living the complacent and conspicuously consumptive lifestyle that too many have come to regard as an American birthright. It is just not sustainable, and that, sustainability, is the key to the future, to moving our civilization forward instead […]