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Oh –CPA Warns of Used Car Scams

used cars

“Keeping clean” of scams should be high on used-car dealers practices, according to a CPA newsletter headlined USED-VEHICLE FRAUD. Dealer CPA Dawn M. Lopez, of Tampa, FL, lists three of the most frequent scams as follows: 1. falsified loan terms 2. misrepresented mileage 3. misrepresented history and condition Dealers are warned against targeting customers with […]

Wanted: Profits with Production


Prize winning economist Paul Krugman asks a question every automaker and dealer struggles to answer in his NY Times column 06-21 “Profits without Production.” That question comes to grips with an issue faced by any dealer, hospital, non-profit library or low-fee lawyer: “What’s more important-profits or production? Selling more cars or more profitable cars?” Or […]

GM Catches Flack at Annual Meeting

Dan Akerson, CEO GM

DETROIT- GM’s annual meeting this year was no cheering orgy. To the surprise of most attendees, GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson was treated to a confessional of the No. 1 automaker’s marketing and financial problems. The out-of-sorts Akerson admitted GM was still struggling to boost its market shares, asserting not only it was stuck […]