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24 E-Cars Bow at LA

Green Cars at Los Angeles Auto Show - Photo Courtesy LA TimesHere’s a metric that will light up the screens and auto news roundups of all the print media in the top-rung Los Angeles market:

24 all-electric or plug-in hybrid 2013 models will punctuate the L.A. show, which is the site of the second best attended show in the U.S.

Audience-grabber choice of “Green car of the year.” Fans of stardom cars will have five finalists to feature the following quintet for their No. 1 testing and hammering. They are Ford’s duo-Fusion Energy and C-Max, Dodge Dart Aero, Toyota Prius and Mazda CX-5 ACTIV.

Green Car Journal sponsors the “Green Car” annual shootout. This year’s show left out any German car, even the VW Beetle Cabriolet or Mercedes Smart. Plug-in dates to redletter: Gold medal winner November 28; open to public November 30-December 9;

Green Car Journal marks its 20th anniversary at the L.A. show. What a difference between 1992 and 2012!