An Industry First…The Prescription for a Healthy Looking Car

Dr. Beasley’s Discovers the Missing Link and the Secret to Longer Lasting Clean

(Chicago, IL) April 20, 2011 – There are thousands of do-it-yourself car care products on the market today, each promising a cleaner, shinier car. Jim Lafeber, founder of the Chicago-based Dr. Beasley’s should know. He’s used many of them as a detailer in his youth and at his award-winning car wash and detailing center Simon’s Shine Shop, which opened in 2004.

Dr. Beasley's Premium Car Care Kit
Dr. Beasley’s Premium Car Wash Kit
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In fact, it was his experience at Simon’s and his determination to find better quality products for his customers that led to an important discovery and the launch of Dr. Beasley’s.

What Jim discovered is something that no other car care company has; an essential and critical part of the detailing process, which he’s coined as the PREP phase. It is the PREP stage, and the unique products Jim has created, that actually neutralize and enhance the car’s surfaces allowing for a longer lasting clean.

Background Info

“I’ve been detailing cars since the early 80s, and I’ve used hundreds of cleaning products over the years,” says Jim, who’s found that most of these products contain harmful chemicals that can damage the car’s surfaces. “So, even though the car may look clean, the products being used are stripping it of its health, causing more harm than good,” he explains. “The end result is a car that is actually deteriorating from the outside in because of substandard cleaning products.”

Looking for a solution and products he could use at his hand car wash and detailing center, Jim talked with manufacturers, chemists, scientists, and detailing peers and began experimenting on his own. “I was searching for products that would help preserve the health of the car’s surfaces, not harm them” he explains. “People invest a lot of money in their cars and they want them to look just like they did when they drove them out of the showroom,” he says. “I was determined to find some answers.”

The Dr. Beasley Team
Jim Lafeber (center in white) with the Dr. Beasley’s team of car care experts.
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He and his crew spent years mixing batches, creating new formulations, and experimenting to find what worked and what didn’t. Not only did Jim design and create products that are more natural and non-harmful to the vehicle, but he also discovered a critical missing link in the detailing process, which he calls the PREP phase.

It is this scientifically proven PREP step that takes place after the car is cleaned and before it is protected, that neutralizes and replenishes the surfaces for maximum results. According to Jim, it is this step, which is part of Dr. Beasley’s innovative 3-step process (CLEAN, PREP, PROTECT) that ultimately keeps the car’s surfaces healthy and looking like new for the life of the car.

How and Why CLEAN, PREP, PROTECT Works

Step 1 – CLEAN

“A car has many surfaces, and each requires its own unique cleaning product,” explains Jim. “We’ve developed special formulations for each surface including glass, paint, plastic, rubber, chrome, metal, carpet, leather and cloth,” he adds. “But, what many people don’t realize is that cleaning the car is only 1/3 of the process to keep it looking like new. After cleaning the surfaces, they need to be prepped. ”

Step 2- PREP – The Missing Link

Dr. Beasley's First Aid Kit
Dr. Beasley’s First Aid Kit
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“Properly preparing the car’s surface is a critical factor because it establishes the foundation for the protection layer,” says Jim. “Once a surface is cleaned, it needs to be cleared of impurities that may be left behind. It must have the right surface texture to promote bonding and a deep shine,” he adds. “Our line of PREP products is formulated to rid the car of all contaminants (including residue left behind by cleaning products), and prepare the surfaces for optimal protection by neutralizing them and adding essential emollients. Once this step is completed, the car’s surface is ready for a more durable protection.”

Step 3 – PROTECT

“Preventing toxic dirt from penetrating the car’s surface is the key to preserving a great looking car,” says Jim. “When a car’s surfaces are properly protected, it means less cleaning and scrubbing the next time around,” he adds. “Our PROTECT products (the 3rd and final step) are formulated to make all the car’s surfaces, inside and out, look like new and minimize the need for cleaning so often. But without the PREP phase, the protective products won’t last nearly as long or work nearly as well. Prepping the vehicle is a must.”

The Bottom Line

“So many car care companies focus solely on cleaning the car, but they don’t consider the long-term health of the car’s surfaces or the damage being done by the cleaning products themselves,” says Jim. “Dr. Beasley’s not only provides a safer, environmentally friendly products, but I’ve created another step, the neutralizing PREP phase, which extends the life of the car’s finishes; something no other car care company has ever done before.”

Dr. Beasley’s do-it-yourself car care products are ideal for anyone who values and appreciates their vehicle and wants to keep their car looking like new for the life of the car. Whether they own a museum quality car, a luxury vehicle or a moderately priced daily driver, Dr. Beasley’s PREP step is the prescription for a cleaner, healthier looking car.

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About Dr. Beasley’s

Dr. Beasley’s is a technology based company specializing in high quality cleaning and protection car care products that restore and preserve a vehicle’s surfaces. With years of professional automotive detailing and custom formulating experience, Dr. Beasley’s manufactures safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable detailing products and car care solutions to maximize the life of your investment. Dr. Beasley’s unique 3-step auto detailing process (Clean, Prep, Protect) assists do-it-yourselfers in rejuvenating, restoring, and protecting all areas of the car. Dr. Beasley’s goal is to help you get your vehicle looking better than new. With the Dr. Beasley’s advantage and “prescription strength” formulas, the company doesn’t  just focus on restoration; it aims towards preventing surface damage from occurring in the first place. Together with Dr. Beasley’s, you can appreciate and maintain your vehicle’s true lustrous shine for many years to come.

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