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2013 Honda Fit

Asian Cars Trump U.S. Brands in Resale/Residual Awards

Asian 2013 new-car models have dealt a wicked blow to U.S. counterparts, subduing them in the latest rankings in the widely-watched categories of “best resale value” and “residual value.”

2013 Honda Fit
2013 Honda Fit

In the “best resale value” poll, according to Kelley Blue Book, the Honda Fit subcompact was top finisher, edging runner-up Jeep Wrangler and third-place Honda Civic.

Toyota improved its 60-month average residual-value ranking by more than three percentage points, as its FJ Cruiser SUV and Tacoma pickups again scored big wins among its six awards.

Used-car rankings favor Asian cars because they are lifted by vehicles which keep their initial MSRP scores after five years of ownership.

On this basis, Toyota won six awards from data consultants ALG and Kelley Blue Book.

In addition to perennial winners Tacoma pickup and fullsize Avalon sedan, Toyota placed the Tundra fullsize truck and Sienna minivan on the resale and residual leader boards.

The 10 models from Toyota and Honda on the two used-car rankings lists fended off challenges from three surprising Korean contenders-Hyundai Elantra compact car, Hyundai Azera fullsize car and Hyundai Santa Fe midsize SUV.

Among luxury brands, Lexus was a clear leader. The Toyota luxury brand had winners with its LS entry-level model, GS 350 luxury sedan and 450 SUV.

BMW’s MINI Cooper was chosen a winner in the subcompact SUV and premium compact categories.

Kelley gave two awards to Chevrolet (Camaro V-6 and Camaro SS (sports car and high performance) and one to Ford (Fusion) for hybrid alternate energy).

No domestic brand won a residual award.