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U.S. November sales staged an unexpected recovery attributed to a “Black Friday” advertising splurge prompted by cheaper lease and interest-rate offers, plus widely marketed “all-new” 2015 models and high numbers of pre-owned models among nearly all dealers.

The build-up in CPOs, combined with the early flood of radically-styled 2015 models, sent U.S. sales up 8.9% to 1 ¼ million vehicles for the month, not quite the monthly average but enough to raise attention to year-end highs for industry leaders.

Despite likelihood that the annual total would hit 1,245 million this month, industry CEOs entered the holiday period determined to maintain all their global marketing offers.

Chairman Henry Ford, Jr., 54, said Ford Motor Company is entering the world market with all global products.

CEO Alan Mulally, 67, is nearing his retirement by year 2020.

“Spring will be late at Ford,” admits Mulally. “We’ve been through patches of downward draft. But I think we’ve got the keys for success in the 2014-model and 2015 model years. It’s a great time in this industry with all of us driven by the younger generation and the terrific tilt towards feminine input.”