Autoworld Lane Changes March 2011

Jalopnik editor Ray Wert reported in an exclusive story, titled “Sellout” that The Detroit News may have sold its soul but Scott Burgess did not by abruptly resigning when the paper altered his review of the Chrysler 200 after a complaint by aScott Burgessn advertiser. Burgess, the paper’s auto critic, was quoted by Wert, “Yes, I resigned from The Detroit News as of today and I have been sending notes to carmakers announcing such. It’s the best job I ever held. The resignation was not planned. I choose not to answer the reasons for the resignation.” Burgess has since said it was the motivation behind the re-write that prompted his resignation. Sue Carney, the paper’s business editor was quoted, “A car dealer raised a complaint and we took a look at the review, as we would do whenever a reader raises a flag. The changes were made to address the journalism of the piece, not the angst of a car dealer. We left the print version alone, but the the online environment offered the flexibility to rework language that should have been caught in the editing process.” But the most telling quote in the Jalopnik story and perhaps an indication of where all this may be going, was from the News publisher Jonathan Wolman,” Our intent was to make an editing improvement and we obviously handled it poorly. We should have let the online version of his review stand as written, as we did the print version.”

MPG president James Bell advises that he moved on from Kelley Blue Book as of Feb. 28 and his new destination will be announced. In the meantime, he can be reached at: or 562.225.7400. . . . Wooden Horse News reported that Andrew Moseman is the new web editor at Popular Mechanics. Reach him at . . . . Dave Pankew has been named editor-in-chief of Performance Auto and Sound Magazine, a monthly Canadian print publication that Pankews says is “number 1 in paid circulation in the Sports Compact genre.” He can be reached at: or 426-992-75626 x 3016.

Graeme Russell
Graeme Russell

Bentley Motors, Inc. has named Graeme Russell head of Public Relations and Communications in the United States, Canada, Central and South America. Previously, he was USA Brand Ambassador for Macallan Highland Single Malt Whisky. . . .Tony Cervone has returned to the Auto Industry as Executive Vice President, Communications for Volkswagen Group of America. He spent 24 years in automotive public relations with Chrysler and General Motors before moving to United Airlines as Sr. V.P and chief communications officer in 2009.

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