Autowriters Spotlight: Bob Golfen

When journalists anoint Bob Lutz and others as “Car guys” it credits them with the first and highest credential in the hierarchy of autodom authenticity. It is a trait that weaves across station, gender and vocation to unite kindred spirits in a shared affection or affliction, depending on your point of view.

Autowriters Spotlight: Bob Golfen, Speed TV

Bob Golfen

Bob Golfen, the new and first auto editor of, has been a car guy since he and his boyhood friends dreamed about owning the cars they loved and eagerly awaited each fall’s new models. There were some guys with MGs, Triumphs and Alfa-Romeos in the Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up plus an occasional Corvette or Boss Mustang and he recalls, “I lived vicariously through them.”  Later, after graduating Temple University with a degree in Journalism he rebuilt a 1970 MGB, which he used as a daily driver for years. Considering that the car’s belt line didn’t come up to the one on his lanky 6’6” frame, he says driving it has prompted many humorous comments to this day. (He has since rebuilt it a second time.)

But the hands-on experience didn’t further his ambition to write for a car magazine, so he took a straight reporting job at the Arizona Republic. Because he was, “the only gearhead in the newsroom who could write”, he relates, he was asked to contribute to a new Home and Auto Section the paper was starting in the mid 80’s. Since then he’s covered the auto industry and transportation for the paper and he believes he has driven and reviewed just about every new model car on the road today. Those 20 years of auto writing and continuing passion for cars (currently he is rebuilding a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000) will be put to good use in the new post.

“What I’m trying to do is provide first-rate automotive news, reviews, stories and features for a wide range of web visitors, from serious gearheads and hobbyists to regular consumers. This enhanced coverage includes new-vehicle and product reviews, up-to-date industry news at this most interesting time, and event coverage, such as our recent in-depth reporting on the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car event in Scottsdale. While I am the primary writer and editor, I am developing partnerships with other auto writers to post on This is an ongoing effort that will help build the content available to our visitors.

“Some upcoming features to watch for: a national calendar of major automotive events; a column for questions about mechanical problems; another column for questions about new and used vehicles; and an interactive feature for car and truck hobbyists.

“Most of all, I want the Cars section to be fun and entertaining as well as informative. I welcome press releases from every automotive source, business and event.”  Send them via email to or by mail: Bob Golfen, 8514 N. 17th Drive, Phoenix, AZ, 85021.”