Autowriters Spotlight: Harold Gunn Autowriters Spotlight: Harold Gunn

Harold Gunn

Harold Gunn is a life long car nut who is in his third term as President of the Texas Auto Writers Association. Taught tools by his Dad, at age 14 he rebuilt his first car, a ’48 Ford convertible, from a clunker to a driver.

Through the years he’s owned some pretty impressive iron including a ’59 Ferrari Testa Rossa that he foolishly sold in 1969 and has regretted it ever since. In the late sixties he began performing in radio and television commercials. Shortly thereafter he formed a production / advertising/public relations company that is still operating. Gunn began regular radio and television
programming in 1972 and has not been off the air since.

For seventeen years he has been producer/host of the country’s number one syndicated outdoors radio program that includes a vehicle feature, Texas Outdoor News. Eight years ago he was asked to produce an automotive television show and that prompted him to create the syndicated radio program, The Automotive Reporter, which he has produced and co-hosted for seven years.

His automotive background goes from drag racing in the early 60’s to head of public relations for Texas World Speedway, and director of public relations and promotions for motorsports events in Houston’s Astrodome for fifteen years. As to his opinion of the state of the automotive industry Gunn says, “I see things improving and feel we automotive journalists can help. American manufacturers are building their best vehicles in history, but the public’s perception has not caught up with the reality. We need to promote the positives. The industry has faired better in Texas than most parts of the country because our love affair with cars and trucks is genetic and contagious.”

As an award winning broadcaster and journalist, Gunn is most proud of being named a Pioneer of Broadcasting by the Texas Association of Broadcasters and this November he is being inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

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  1. Marlon Hanson

    Thanks for the great note on Harold. He has done an excellent job of managing the herd of cats that call themselves autowriters in Texas and has been very dedicated to doing what he sees as best for the organization. All in all, we have grown significantly in numbers and stature during his tenure due to his insistance on insuring that every prospective member is truly writing, reporting and covering the automotive industry rather than simply trying to get a new vehicle every week. Auto shows would do well to qualify attendees as thoroughly as TAWA has done in recent years. Is it a pain in the butt to supply numerous articles every year to prove you are still covering the industry? Certainly. But, it heightens the value of our Truck of Texas, Car of Texas, and other awards because it insures qualified judges are doing the evaluations.

  2. Mike Herzing

    Great Article on Harold! I also agree with Marlins statement about herding cats and auto writers. It can be challenging.
    I have been lucky enough to have spent 6 years with him co-hosting The Automotive Reporter radio program, so I know him pretty well. I can’t think of anyone more dedicated to his craft than Harold. He is the complete professional and I have learned a lot from him. His Radio Hall of Fame award is very deserved and it couldn’t go to a better guy. Congrats Harold!

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