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Autowriters Spotlight: Micheline ‘Micki’ Maynard Autowriters Spotlight: Micheline 'Micki' Maynard
Micheline ‘Micki’ Maynard

A lane change that deserves the Autowriters Spotlight is the one executed by Micheline “Micki” Maynard. Having achieved distinction as a journalist, an author and in academia, she now turns to an important and needed role in public service.

She is the Senior Editor of “Changing Gears: Reinventing The Manufacturing Belt.” that will go on air September 20. It is a project of the Upper Midwest Local Journalism Center, a new editorial collaboration led by WBEZ in Chicago in partnership with Michigan Radio and Ideastream in Cleveland. It’s funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to report on a major developing story–the transformation of the Upper Midwest’s industrial-based economy to a post-manufacturing one. This transition is a turning point in the American economy with economic, social, environmental and cultural implications.

Maynard leads a team of three reporters and a social engagement editor in the production of long form radio feature reports, programs for radio and television, web content and community outreach. The project also will engage the citizens of the region in discussions on the area’s future.

She is exceptionally well qualified for this new assignment, having covered the auto industry for years, first for United Press International in Detroit and later as the Detroit- based business correspondent covering the industry for The New York Times. During that time she authored four books, including the acclaimed “The End of Detroit” published in 2003 that foresaw the collapse of Detroit carmakers. Her most recent book,” “The Selling of the American Economy: How Foreign Companies Are Remaking the American Dream” came out in 2009. Both titles were published by Random House. Maynard holds degrees from Michigan State University and Columbia University and is an adjunct faculty member at the Ross School of Business at Michigan. She also has taught at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her staff at Changing Gears includes Dan Bobkoff and George Nemeth in Cleveland, Niala Boodhoo in Chicago and Kate Davidson in Ann Arbor. She describes them as a “skilled energetic team filled with ideas for fresh ways to look at this critical subject.”