The Thrill Is….Gone?

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Despite record auto sales a great malaise of “ho-hum” has overtaken the nation’s auto industry. Even the blogger born with the most auto DNA, Auto Extremist Peter De Lorenzo, in his January 25 Rant, “The End of Cardolatry” sees the industry on the “edge of a cliff” facing a “monumental shift” that he attributes to […]

Lauren Fix in the Autowriters Spotlight

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Like the fellow who thinks he will make a great “PR Man” because he likes people, there are hundreds (thousand’s?) of car fans who think they’d make great auto writers and live with reviewing a different new car every week. Unfortunately, many of them try.’s Spotlight was created to let “wannabes” know and remind […]

Woodward Cowboy’s Lament for the Car Enthusiast


The Woodward Cowboy’s Lament Well before he was pulled over on an L.A, freeway by the driver of a Cobra who wanted to know why he was “stalking him,” Wally Wyss was captivated by hot cars. A Woodward wrangler, he commandeered the family’s no frills four-door to pursue the nightly show of enhanced, modified cars […]

Too Much Social Media bad for Children?

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Erik Sass, in a column for Social Graph, reports a recent study by the UK Office of National Statistics, found that children ages 10-15 who spend more than three hours a day on social media were significantly more likely to experience mental health problems than those who spent less than three hours on social media […]