Canadian Collaboration; iCar to be Launched in May

The new collaboration between the Automotive Journalists of Canada and the Canadian Automobile Association includes launching an online publication to “inform consumers about new engine technologies.” . . . A similarly purposed quarterly magazine titled iCar will be launched in England in May. Specialty magazine publisher Future’s announcement said iCar will cater to “growing consumer interest in more efficient, intelligent and technologically advanced cars. With three revolutions in engine development predicted within the next 30-years, accompanied by a myriad of innovative driver aids and in-car tech systems, iCar has an exciting future ahead building consumer awareness and driving desire.”, developed to become the “Life Magazine of Vintage Automotive Photography” was launched February 10th by vintage automotive restorer, collector, and expert, David Greenlees. Rare, interesting, entertaining, mysterious, awe inspiring photographs are submitted by knowledgeable car enthusiasts, collected and categorized by expert editorial panel, and displayed on the site. For more information:  . . . One Minute News, as its name implies, is a new the online- and mobile-based news service specializing in “bite-sized” content, which it is both producing and aggregating, according to Gavin O’Malley in Online Media Daily.