Autowriters Spotlight: Sam Moses

Sam Moses, generally, is not as confrontational as his Tom-Tom in the May issue of this Newsletter was. As his recently launched website, attests, he prefers to tell stories and let the readers reach their own conclusions.  For example, when covering one of Land Rover’s benighted lash-ups with R.J. Reynolds a few years back, his readers didn’t need to be told he didn’t favor the world-wide promotion of smoking, they could practically smell the smoke and hearPicture: Autowriters Spotlight: Sam Moses the hacking and coughing as he recounted the nicotine ambience of the Camel Trophy Adventure he covered. Cigarettes proffered like drugs at a rave.

Moses likes to write, particularly, he says, when he gets paid for it. That may be a challenge for his website which he considers an aesthetic, functional success but not yet a financial one.  He thinks he needs to focus on driving traffic.  However, his preference for telling stories instead of hitting readers with a two-by-four or punch in the jaw may bring his website the metric that is gaining favor over the number of eyeballs – engagement.  Readers who are enticed not by “must read news you can use” and half-hourly “scoops” but an experience they can get into.

The first thing Moses’ ever wrote for publication was from the Isle of Man TT motorcycle races, during his first week of honeymooning around Europe in a Volkswagen bus.  “The editor of MotorCycle Weekly, a tabloid in Irvine, liked it and asked if I wanted to follow the MotoGP circuit, so my young wife and I used the racing to determine our itinerary.” (more…)

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Autowriters Spotlight: Maureen McDonald

McDonald spent the last three years attending auto shows, interviewing historians and rummaging the great stacks of the National Automotive History Collection at the Detroit Public Library gaining insight on the hundred years of shows and the beautiful people that flank the cars. Most enduring jokes? “Do you come with the car?” or “Nice headlights and I don’t mean the car.”

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Autowriters Spotlight: Joe Sage

Launching a magazine is a challenge. Chasing the automotive segment can be a challenge. And hiring effective sales staff is a big challenge. In the wake of 911, all was even more so. The first printed effort went from late 2002 through late 2003. Joe kept producing full PDF versions, posted online. The calendar pages flipped and flew off like the segue in an old movie. But the magazine continued to hear from fans, both personal and in the industry, and continued to receive credentials, press invites and test vehicles. There was clearly still horsepower in the concept.

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