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600-700 Words? Ridiculous

autowriters feature road ahead

New to AW is OutdoorX4, a bimonthly print and digital publication sub-titled: “Adventure is Worthwhile.” Editor Frank Ledwell says, “OutdoorX4 is focused on providing engaging articles and photography of which you can relate to, whether in a 4×4, dual-sport motorcycle, or on a hike, camping, mountain biking, fishing . . . you name it!” For […]

New Roads for Richard Baron, Barbara Terry and Dan Gray

Design director Richard Baron writes: “Recently left Road & Track after 30 + years. Pursuing a variety of freelance publishing projects. Currently involved with Porsche Panorama magazine as well as working on a major automotive history book project, soon to be published. Also work with developing ‘Life With Cars‘ radio program, soon to be launched […]

Is Print Going Away?

“Babies born now will never read anything in print. Face the reality that print will eventually go away,” according to Ben Horowitz, as quoted by Wooden Horse News from the technology entrepreneur’s speech at the American Magazine Conference in October. . . . The Newsletter also quoted John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist, ” Print […]

Jean Knows Cars Launches, NewsPress Crosses the Atlantic, The Fast Car Lane Partners with Jiayou Network

Jean (Lienert) (Lindamood) Jennings has ventured into the turbulent media seas with a blog, “Jean Knows Cars.” Unlike most first-time bloggers who breast the waves with a rowboat, she has at least, a schooner crafted by knowledge, experience, talent and a name well-known and respected in autodom- earned mostly in 30 years with Automobile Magazine, […]