An Industry First…The Prescription for a Healthy Looking Car

Dr. Beasley’s Discovers the Missing Link and the Secret to Longer Lasting Clean

(Chicago, IL) April 20, 2011 – There are thousands of do-it-yourself car care products on the market today, each promising a cleaner, shinier car. Jim Lafeber, founder of the Chicago-based Dr. Beasley’s should know. He’s used many of them as a detailer in his youth and at his award-winning car wash and detailing center Simon’s Shine Shop, which opened in 2004.

Dr. Beasley's Premium Car Care Kit
Dr. Beasley’s Premium Car Wash Kit
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In fact, it was his experience at Simon’s and his determination to find better quality products for his customers that led to an important discovery and the launch of Dr. Beasley’s.

What Jim discovered is something that no other car care company has; an essential and critical part of the detailing process, which he’s coined as the PREP phase. It is the PREP stage, and the unique products Jim has created, that actually neutralize and enhance the car’s surfaces allowing for a longer lasting clean.

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“I’ve been detailing cars since the early 80s, and I’ve used hundreds of cleaning products over the years,” says Jim, who’s found that most of these products contain harmful chemicals that can damage the car’s surfaces. “So, even though the car may look clean, the products being used are stripping it of its health, causing more harm than good,” he explains. “The end result is a car that is actually deteriorating from the outside in because of substandard cleaning products.”


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