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Too Much Social Media bad for Children?

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Erik Sass, in a column for Social Graph, reports a recent study by the UK Office of National Statistics, found that children ages 10-15 who spend more than three hours a day on social media were significantly more likely to experience mental health problems than those who spent less than three hours on social media […]

Realtime Stats for Start-Ups

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Every 2.5 seconds eight startup ventures begin around the globe. It is not so fast in the U.S. Here, one new startup opens every five seconds. Those statistics are reported by Tyler Lochner in Real-Time Daily. His source, a real-time graphic (below) from Gasoline, a startup apparel brand for startups. Its not so bad or […]

Pizza And Beer Connections


GM brands may dominate in a dealership customer service study by J.D. Power and Associates as Karl Greenberg reports in Marketing Daily but a January survey of 3,450 women car shoppers by Anne Fleming, puts Volkswagen on top followed by Ford and Chevy.  . . . Greenberg also provides an update for “smart watch” car […]

Robots Are Watching and Listening

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Michael Wayland writes in The Detroit News about a Fiat Chrysler company, “Industrial automation company Comau has produced a three-point-shooting robot to demonstrate if it is nimble enough to sink a basketball, then it is capable of working alongside people in a factory or lab.” Robots of another kind are plaguing online communications: the bots […]

Content Marketing Will Continue to Grow

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The war is over but the battles continue as media critics rant about “content marketing,” “native advertising” and other euphemisms for paid space or time masquerading as editorial content. P.J. Bednarski bashed the practice in a VideoBlog June 2 titled: Native Ads: Finessing Fuzzy. TV satirist John Oliver ridiculed the concept on his August 3 […]