Passing Scene: Banned Commercials, Royal Wedding, Interesting Stats

Maureen McDonald sent along this Dodge TV spot discovered possibly while doing research for The Sirens of Chrome book a year or so back. It features perky models and was banned from the air she says, back in the quaint ’69 – ’70 season. Click on the image to play the commercial.

Wooden Horse News quotes a Conde Nast executive as saying all 20 of its publications will have a digital edition by the year end. . . . Automobile Magazine added a $4 Ipad edition shortly before completing its 25th year of publication this month. Deputy editor Joe DeMatio told Detroit News interviewer Melissa Preddy that the magazine will continue to rely on its historic strengths: “travel and adventure and story telling that is car-related” (and columnists with attitude) entering its second quarter century. . . . Bob Garfield ‘s Advertising Age column referenced elsewhere in this issue makes the very real point that “Brand Journalism,” a phrase brought to the fore by marketers employing social media, is an oxymoron. “Journalism is conducted at arm’s length, and brands have grasping hands.”


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