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Driverless Cars On The Road


A good look at and the specs on “the world’s fastest and most powerful production car” the Koenigsegg Regera Megacar is provided by Ed Jones writing for the duPont Registry. Carrie Thompson sent along a graphic (as she terms it) from England on the  Evolution of the 250+ MPH Super Car. It highlights the first […]

The Connected Car and Godzilla Attack

stingray corvette

The “Internet of Things” and “The Connected Car” sounded like bright promises when they were around the corner but now that they are nearly upon us, some doubts begin to arise. For example, John Mello reports in that digital road signs in the San Francisco area recently began flashing “Godzilla Attack.” Likely a harmless […]

Tesla Factory, Proterra Bus and Steve McQueen

autowriters featured video

If you’ve not been to Tesla’s California factory, watch the video above for an impressive look at the production of a Model S from aluminum coils to out the door. It also bolsters those who predict a “jobless” society down the road. And, if you are not familiar with the Bugatti family’s museum-quality design versatility […]

GM & Barra: Shrewd Reverse Sexism?

Autowriters Feature Tom Tom

A commercial not seen in recent reviews of the Ford Mustang’s introduction 50 years ago is one that showed a prim and proper Miss shake the decorum of her office job, literally let her hair down and hit the open road in her Mustang convertible. Whether it was the competition or Ford’s intent, there were […]

Cuba: A Living, Rolling, Car Museum

Vintage Car in Cuba

Car Museum: You don’t have to go undercover to join Spy Photographer Brenda Priddy, on a tour of Cuba and a cross section of its estimated 60,000 vintage cars this October. It is U.S. Government-approved, week-long trip accompanied by an Earthbound Expeditions program director and a bilingual Cuban national guide. It includes one night in […]