Pit Notes: September 2009

At least one well-established automotive journalist has experienced what he believes are shrinking press fleets. AWCom knows of no comparative figures to access the situation – although shrinking budgets likely affect this activity – along with a believed shrinking regard for journalists, as PR becomes increasingly a subservient marketing function.

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Pit Notes July 2009

“Fraud” is a tough call to make publicly but “Landspeed” Louise Noeth says she has chronicled and photographed, “too many people struggling and sacrificing, some even giving their lives to set a landspeed world record, to allow the heritage and community of landspeed racers to be demeaned or 'hi-jacked' by a television stunt."

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Ezra Dyer and STI Exchange

This whole scenario, as constructed by STI, is incredibly bizarre. Generally speaking, an aspiring writer gets in touch with the manufacturers, who then talk to the fleet company to arrange test cars. I’ve never heard of a fleet company trying to foist cars upon a publication, unasked for, under the guise that they have a directive to do so from their “patrons.”

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