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Just when a new survey suggests that more than half of U.S. consumers would be interested in cars built by Apple or Google, the two tech giants are reportedly turning away from manufacturing tomorrow’s high-tech cars. The survey was conducted by TECHnalysis Research. Company president, Bob O’Donnell said, “Given what a huge jump it is […]

Mounting Pressure To Move Data Faster


Inexorable as a glacier and insistent as an eroding wind, the pressure mounts to move data faster and in new ways. Emojis, acronyms, initials, abbreviations, contractions, codes and symbols are all responses to that pressure. Emoji use recently hit 700 million in a recent month compared to 125 million in the same month a year […]

Drones, Robocars and Robots A Race To What?

freeway system

Drones, Robocar Racing Robot racing is on the horizon according to a lengthy missive from Bob Koveleski describing this driverless Roborace Car (above) and plans (hopes) for 20 of them to participate in a new Roborace Series. The cars will weigh in at approximately 2,000 lbs and with high performance electric motors powering each wheel […]

The Thrill Is….Gone?

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Despite record auto sales a great malaise of “ho-hum” has overtaken the nation’s auto industry. Even the blogger born with the most auto DNA, Auto Extremist Peter De Lorenzo, in his January 25 Rant, “The End of Cardolatry” sees the industry on the “edge of a cliff” facing a “monumental shift” that he attributes to […]

Woodward Cowboy’s Lament for the Car Enthusiast


The Woodward Cowboy’s Lament Well before he was pulled over on an L.A, freeway by the driver of a Cobra who wanted to know why he was “stalking him,” Wally Wyss was captivated by hot cars. A Woodward wrangler, he commandeered the family’s no frills four-door to pursue the nightly show of enhanced, modified cars […]