the road ahead 07.2008

Surprise! Wooden Horse reports a study a paid for by digital publisher Zinio found that 35% of digital magazine subscribers pay more attention to the ads than they do when reading physical magazines. It also suggests readers put a high value on ads that let them connect directly with advertisers. (Car And Driver has introduced inventory feature searches, shopping tools, photos and bar codes scannable by mobile phone cameras.) Top reasons for subscribing to a digital magazine rather than its print version included immediate delivery and access to content, the ability to store issues on one’s computer, and the perception that digital subscriptions are less harmful to the environment . . . . Yet, WIRED magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, when asked in a Charlie Rose interview, “Do you have to be a print publication? ”  answered: (more…)

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The Road Ahead: May 2008

In this news ecosystem newsrooms will be organized around topics or tags (instead of sections). Stories and topics become molecules that attract atoms: reporters, editors, witnesses, archives, commenters, and so on, all adding different elements to a greater understanding. It may not be the editor or reporter who gathers all these sources, it could just as well be the reader creating his own story.

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Road Ahead 04.2008

A Canadian research firm found social media users put far more trust in friends and family than popular bloggers. Overall, the study concluded: ”social media remains chiefly a mode of communication and personal expression, rather than a source of credible information.”

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