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Native Advertising, Unorthodox Car Reviews & Ethics of Auto Journalism

One Way Road Sign

More native advertising appears to be in the works at the New York Times (and elsewhere) according to Karl Greenberg in Marketing Daily. He quotes Times Executive VP, Advertising, Meredith Kopit Levien, “Native advertising exploits the form, factor, discovery mechanism and production values of the surrounding content, taking the shape of the storytelling around it […]

Programmiatic Media Buying: Tracking Reigns


“In order to stay ahead of the game and be ready for the next social up-and-comer, publishers need a comprehensive way to gather insights into how their content performs across the entire social Web.” So says Paul Lentz in the February 12 Online MediaDaily. He elaborated: “Greater insights into the social quality of content can […]

Hybrids and Suicide Packages

RaptorGTR Suicide 1212

A land-air hybrid vehicle described in a Scientific American piece passed on by Silvio Calabi may someday make commutes faster and easier – if not cheaper at a current price of $300,000. The article by Gary Stix and accompanying video of the auto gyro evoked mostly negative responses from readers. Previously announced and recently shown […]