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The Economics of Being a Journalist

Autowriters Feature Tom Tom

This feature returns with neither a rant nor a rave but an op/ed piece written by Brett Arends for MarketWatch submitted by Paul Weissler with this preface: “This guy’s column is a semi-political piece, but it does go through the economics of being a journalist, and that’s a subject that many of your contributors have […]

The Battle Is Over Between Old and New Media

Tom-Tom rants, raves, rambles and ruminations are volunteered and express the opinions of the writer. Autowriters.Com invites readers to submit a tom-tom.  Your reward: a byline and an audience of your peers.  All submissions are acknowledged, queued and used at the editor’s discretion.        In a recent President’s Message posted within the Motor […]

Jesse Bowers for the Tom-Tom

Jesse Bowers is a classic example of the Internet’s unlocking voices that otherwise would not be heard. He claims no experience or education as a writer but his passion for cars has raised his above The New York Times’ Wheels blog (14 to 16) in one survey, he proudly reports. Retired from the U.S. […]

Accreditation and Anarchy

 As Linda Water Nelson notes, she has written about automobiles and trucks for almost 25 years, as a technical writer for manufacturers and suppliers, contributing editor for trade media such as AutoInteriors magazine, and a writer for the consumer press, including the Memphis Commercial Appeal and Bumper-to-Bumper. She is currently secretary of the Texas Auto […]

Special Driving Deal for Subscribers

Irrepressible PR Man and sometime journalist Doug Stokes  has come up with the kind of  “win-win-win” proposition promoters love. He writes: “Hey Glenn – Here’s a real deal that I conjured up for your faithful … Great fun and you get some “sunshine” for providing it! AN AUTOWRITERS SPECIAL DRIVING DEAL   Doug Stokes Special […]