The Tom-Tom: A View From The Edge

Though the bloggers’ path to becoming communicators was decidedly different than that which motivated old-media journalists, the majority of the bloggers who attended this event are just as serious about effective communications as the traditional journalist, and in many cases, more expert in their topic area than many career journalists.

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The Tom-Tom: Rob Krider

With print media, getting published is a long hard battle. When a writer finally gets published, accepted if you may, there is a sense of accomplishment. Because magazines absolutely must turn a profit to exist, they have the budget to pay their writers for a job well done.

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The Tom-Tom: Tom Kelley

Tom Kelley: When the newspaper business was at its peak, there was a market for several hundred automotive generalists in the U.S. But now that the scope of an automotive media outlet is no longer limited to the reach of the local auto dealers, the market for generalists is drying up, just as many automotive generalists are out looking for a new home.

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Tom-Tom: Brett Becker

Brett Becker sticks up for print in his rejoinder to Gary Grant’s Tom-Tom of last month. Becker is a freelance writer and photographer who writes and shoots for Web and print titles. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's in mass communication from the University of Central Florida.

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The Tom-Tom Gary Grant

Gary Grant speaks up for the new media in this month’s Tom-Tom. He grew up around auto racing and spent 23 years on the retail and repair side of the industry. His automotive media work began in Toronto in 2002 as radio show’s Toronto guest host. He began in 2005.

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