Cathy Droz in the Autowriters Spotlight

Cathy Droz has been test-driving manufacturers cars for over ten years (approximately 550 vehicles) and reporting on her findings in all forms of media. She is uncomfortable when referred to as an automotive journalist, even though she has written for both national and local newspapers, Internet sites and magazines.

Cathy Droz, Featured AutowriterHer automotive background was 6 years owning an automotive ad agency in Phoenix, Arizona when the editor and chief of the Tribune papers there asked her to test drive cars and report on them in the weekly papers. Why? It was a job his writers would fight over and he wanted a woman with car knowledge. Droz said yes but only if her reviews were more like Sex and the City dialogue.

The chief agreed. Whereupon Cathy and her Two for the Road USA partner, Bill Zervakos began to test-drive and report on the manufacturers’ vehicles weekly via radio, television, Internet, newspapers and magazines. They write with a little different approach, Bill writes much like Road & Track and Cathy writes like Erma Bombeck with a little Family Circus. On radio, Cathy and Bill are considered “autotainment” for the masses. They interview the auto industry CEO’s, auto engineers, race car drivers, authors, politicians and enthusiasts. Cathy told Ford President, Allan Mullaly what a good looking man he was and race car legend Lynn St. James that Bill had fantasies about her in the l970’s. Both guests had a great sense of humor.

When you click on website you will see reviews done with her daughter called Boomer and X, her dog called “Ask Doc” and with her grandchildren called Grandma’s Hot Wheels. She has taken a unique approach to testing and reporting on cars. A woman’s point of view but never losing sight of what men want too! ” Test driving cars and reviewing them based on a consumer’s lifestyle is how she gauges the affordability and functionality. It’s different for a single gal, family of four, pet lover or an empty nester” says Droz. She can even tell a scratch golfer what cargo space would be best and in his or her price range.

Her writing goals for the future include a book called “Boomers Wearing Thongs in Cars” a children’s book called “turn the quilt over” and to continue writing for AAA Highroads Magazine about travel with grandchildren. She plans on doing auto expert videos on line for a production company out of Phoenix.

She’s a New York native with an attitude evidenced strongly on her radio show, Facebook page and her blogs. She say she’s a wife, mother and grandmother and thankful to be in the auto industry and considered an automotive journalist. Turning 60 this year, she feels she is just getting started.

Dream Car – Aston Martin DB-6
Her Car: 2002 Ford Thunderbird
Past President – Phoenix Automotive Press Association P.A.P.A.
Non Profit – VP Board of Directors – Silent Witness/Phoenix Police Department

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  1. Jason

    Cathy Droz is the hardest working, loyal and honest business woman I know. She follows through with everything she takes on and does it with style and flare. She is my role model and also the best mom a son could ever ask for. Thanks, mom. I love you!

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