Content Farms Out, Professional Writers In?

BMW i” is a new global sub-brand that is going to be as much about the German car maker’s mobility solutions efforts as new vehicles, Karl Greenberg reports in Marketing Daily. He quotes a BMW news release about the new brand’s efforts, “everything from the research on urban mobility and mobile Internet cityscapes to a venture capital arm based in New York that will fund tech startups whose products might change the way people move around cities.”

Websites with shallow, low quality content provided by “content farms” are on Google’s endangered species list. Thereby, AWCom trusts, increasing the demand for professional writers. A new app for its Chrome browser allows users to block specific sites. This reduces the number but improves the quality of search results. In addition to feedback from user-blocked sites, Google is changing its search algorithmics to reduce the rankings of “low-quality” sites.

Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln, MercedesBenz, and Cadillac are the auto brands among the “2011 Customer Service Champions” in J.D. Power & Associates annual ranking of brands based on customer feedback. Greenberg says in Marketing Daily, one reason offered as to why auto brands do well in the survey is that automakers recognize product quality has gotten a lot better and a lot less varied, so product alone is not enough to make a difference.

Elliot Forbes Robinson on CXC Simulator
Elliot Forbes Robinson on CXC Simulator, Riverside Int’l Automotive Museum

Bobby Allison will join Bobby Unser, Lyn St. James & Hershel McGriff as well as returning Legends honorees Dan Gurney & Carroll Shelby for the Riverside International Automotive Museum’s Legends of Riverside III honoring Parnelli Jones March 25-27. . . . Writing for MIN Online, Steve Smith, notes blog sites are trending away from chronological scrolling of postings in favor of a more “magazine/newspaper single lead story dominating the front page.

Freelance blogger Andy Didorsi has opened Paper Street Motors in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit-adjacent Ferndale. Mich. He rents low-cost space where small businesses can take an affordable chance to see if their venture can take root and grow. . . . . For those who think they are painstaking auto restorers, check out the results in Todd Cooperider’s blog about the 25 hours he put in on a never-been-driven black Ferrari 458 Italia that had been “polished” by the dealer prior to delivery.