Denza’s Role As Coming World Car

Denza‘ means ‘rising momentum’ in the Mandarin language. BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu says the ‘Denza’ spells a forthcoming global role for all Chinese automakers as a joint venture between the world’s youngest and oldest automakers.

Fran Zhao
Frank Zhao. Vice President, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Ltd.

In a media conference at the Beijing exhibition, Geely Group Vice President Frank Zhaodeclared that China’s annual sales are approaching 20 million units, with every “international player here. In comparison, China now is a much more competitive market than the U.S. and Europe.”

Zhao, who has worked in Japan, Great Britain and the U.S. (as a senior engineering executive at Chrysler Group) said the acquisition of the Volvo brand by Geely reflects the Westernization trend that sees more shared platforms and engines now taking hold in the Chinese auto industry. “Toyota has 25 platforms, and Geely only five,” he explains. “Our goal is to offer consumers vehicle products that look all different from the outside but share the same parts and components inside.”

The global ‘buzz’ surrounding the Denza could bring closer the dates when the first Chinese cars are exported to and built in the U.S., according to Yang Guoquing, China’s counsel-general in Chicago. Yang Guoqiang spoke at a signal event – the 20th anniversary dinner of the Chinese Association of Greater Detroit, a supplier and service group.