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2013 Chevy Cruze Station wagon

Detroit’s Big 3 Automakers Continue to Bank on Pickups

Let’s face it, pickups are a Detroit-3 saver now and forever!

As Memorial Day neared, specials on leftover-2013-model vehicles flooded Sunday supplements. GM led off the bargains- with a $179 monthly payment offer on a 2013 Equinox, outdoing itself with a $129 offer on a 2013 Cruze and $175 on a 2013 Volt!

2013 Chevrolert Cruze
2013 Chevy Cruze Station wagon

On the very day those offers were downloaded into media supplements at Joe Lunghamer Chevrolet, Waterford, MI, GM outdid itself, by releasing the 2014-Silverado price freeze with a double-whammy offer of $119 on a EXTCAB 4×4 (plus a $2,000 minimum tradein).

The blitz ads in Sunday-paper supplements, on top of the 2014-model price freeze, point up the cash-and-carry crisis facing dealers grappling with the ballooning inventories of unsold cars, mostly 2013 and 2014-model Silverados, Cruzes and Malibus. Push-pull remains a force on the leftover-market this fall. It could sweep Chevy into first place in pickup truck sales for 2013, thanks to all the 2014-model upgrades and new accessory packaages. Chevy first over Ford in pickup sales? That points to show-car-of-the-year laurels-if push-pull on leftover models works for Silverado and Sierra!