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Fearless 2013 Forecasts

Perhaps this is a key to averting all Ford’s recalls of recent years but here goes. For dealers “succession planning helps a dealer define personnel, family and financial goals. Why is this often delayed, sometimes until it’s too late? “From Auto CPA Group’s winter 2013 newsletter.” Follow me below the picture….

2013 Fearless Forecast
Mac Gordon’s Fearless Forecast for 2013

  • Print editions of two more auto-focused magazines will be replaced by online publications- a buff book and trade book.
  • The U.S. Treasury will sell all its remaining GM and Chrysler stock.
  • Hybrid or 100 percent electric cars will be offered by all automakers in the BRIC countries, in addition to North America.
  • 2013 U.S. new car sales will top 15 million en route to a new all-time record of nearly 20 million in ensuing years.
  • A Detroit street will adopt the name of another U.S. president: (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Coolidge, Madison, Monroe, Lincoln) have been already used up.
  • NHTSA will unleash a surge in mandatory new safety accessories-night vision, total crash aversion, pedestrian protection, automatic light turn ons and turn offs.
  • Detroit’s two daily newspapers will delay merger plans ( Free Press and News).
  • Fiat will broaden its Alfa Romeo and Lancia lineups in North America, in addition to the 500. At least 500 open points are being sought for Alfa.
  • Mark Fields will initiate Ford product initiatives rivaling Chevrolet brands and boosting him to Auto Maker of the Year Award for 2013.

A new year calls for new newsletter features, so here is a unique sidebar you’ll never find elsewhere (unless Pulitzer Prizer Dan Neil amends his new-car format.):

The Ford Model T instruction book gave the following advices in its “Instruction Book:” On receiving Your Car and before starting the motor, fill the radiator with clean, fresh water, preferably straining it through muslin or other similar material to prevent foreign matter from getting into the small tubes.” Did this set the stage for Ford’s recalls?