First Internet Car and Truck Automotive Writing Contest Winners

First Internet Car and Truck Automotive Writing Contest Winners

Best Review Written for the Internet

Jeff Glucker
Co-owner and editor of His review of the Audi R8 “really captured the heart and soul of the car,” said one judge

Best Feature Written for the Internet

Lyndon Conrad Bell
Editor-in-chief of On Wheels Media, for his feature “A fast road to manhood” published on, where Bell is the San Francisco sports car examiner. His story tells of the bonding between him and his son Julian while testing cars and how driving cars can be a metaphor for life.

Best Single Blog Written for the Internet

Craig Hover
Senior editor of Automobile Red Book, for his blog on the most mundane of topics: changing a flat tire. Titled, “The big flat. My apologies to Raymond Chandler.”

Best Series of Blog Entries

Jil McIntosh
Freelance writer and a member of the Automobile Journalists of Canada for five of her blogs. Her regular outlets include new-car reviews, news and special-interest articles for The Toronto Star (Wheels section) and Canadian Driver, where she is also the assistant editor.

Internet Automotive Journalist Of The Year

John Neff
Editor-in-chief of for his stewardship of the Internet’s largest automotive news site and support for automotive journalism on the web.

Internet Car of The Year

Chevrolet Camaro
Selected by visitors to the Internet Car and Truck of the Year Web site

Selected by a panel of Internet writers

Internet Truck of The Year

Chevrolet Equinox
 Selected by both groups (writers and site visitors)