Frank Washington Update

To All:

It’s been almost one year, January 29th, 2008, since I was attacked whileFrank Washington walking for exercise. Trauma doctors, surgeons and dentists took most of the year to put me back together. I’ve undergone facial reconstruction surgery, eye surgery to rid me of double vision and I’ve done time in the dentist chair. I wanted to thank all of you who supported me with your concerns, your prayers and your donations to help with my medical expenses that I’m well and back to work.

I’m really just happy to be here given the circumstances. I truly believe that your concern, your prayer and your support in the wake of my being attacked have much to do with me still being here. I think something greater than us all heard you and opted to bestow on me the blessing of continued life. I will do my best to earn it. Thank you so much and Happy New Year. Frank.

Frank Washington
managing partner/editor 
PO Box 23167
Detroit, MI, 48223