Grand Stand: Books For The Auto Enthusiast

CAN-AM”, rightly evokes the unparalleled explosion of raw power that for a brief 71 races dominated American motorsports, have claimed space in enthusiasts’ minds of late, either because of or co-incidental with David Bull’s publishing of “CAN-AM Cars in Detail.

It was featured in book-signings held by Bull during Monterey Weekend and at Riverside International Automotive Museum this past Saturday where two McLaren CAN-AM cars and five series drivers were attracted to a presentation by the series’ pre-eminent chronicler and writer of the book, Pete Lyons. The 11” X 11” hardcover book, sub-titled “Machine and Minds Racing Unrestrained,” has 157 studio quality color photos by Peter Harholdt, which, along with Lyons words, make CAN-AM racing, last staged in 1974, come alive for those who witnessed it, participated in it or read about it. Bull has a limited number of signed copies available from those events. Contact him at

Why the same house would enclose Jesse Alexander’s “Inside The Archives” with the CAN-AM book is hard to fathom. The fourth book of Alexander’s racing images the two have collaborated on, is worth more space than one publisher can expect at one time. Contact Bull for more info on this presentation of 78 previously un-published photographs and for special signed copies.

Another retrospect for the enthusiast’s library is: “American Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design” from Merrill Publishers Limited. Due out in October, it is a 288-page hardcover with approximately 250 photographs, written by Tracy Powell with photos by Michael Furman. After an overview of the history of the automobile in America, it is followed by detailed histories of more than 50 “milestone” cars produced between 1908 and 2008. Included are biographies of key figures in the U.S. automobile industry, a technical glossary and a directory to where milestone cars may be seen (museums and collections).

Veteran auto writer/photographer Bob McClurg writes that moving to Hawaii has not slowed his work on “Understanding Nitrous Oxide From A to Z” for Car Techs/SA Design Books. Although, those that heard him discussing his “Yenko! The Man, The Machines, The Legend,” on a book review segment of “Jay Leno’s Garage,” webcast, or on a couple of live broadcasts on Sam Auxier, Jr’s “Drag Racers Reunion Radio”, might think otherwise.

Jim Gorzelany a print auto writer for years, has just released his second eBook, “Automotive Intelligentsia Money-Saving New Car Guide.” Available now for devices that support the Amazon Kindle reader, other platform-specific electronic versions and a paperback volume will follow. He says his Money-Saving New-Car Guide “is aimed at helping motorists maximize (the return) on one of the largest capital outlays they’ll ever make.” From choosing a vehicle that best meets a buyer’s needs, is within his or her budget and has the lowest long-term ownership costs, to taking a test-drive, getting the most money for a trade-in and negotiating the best possible price, this book keeps a sharp eye on the bottom line at every turn. And one of the chapters deals with his discarded medium asking, “Can You Trust A Published Car Review.”

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