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Growing U.S. Market for VW & Audi Sales & Dealers

VW and Audi are turning up the dials in the largest auto market

Opening of a new Volkswagen of America/Audi office in the Los Angeles suburb Woodland Hills underscores the growing role of VW and Audi sales and dealers in the U.S. market. Leveraging the bulging Los Angeles and north side drives for 2015-model sales with these headlines “can you top this Lease rate? Now is the time to buy!”

VW’s North American sales and production goals are ever-expanding, and Volkswagen is focusing on adding even more models, 30 years after adding Golf and Jetta to its lineup and undertook modernization programs for its North American dealers and assembly parts.

As the first foreign automaker to enter the U>S. Market in the 1950s, VW now is propelling the Audi and VW/Passat lineups into higher sales at targets in North America.

Over the summer, TV and billboard campaigns outstripped their rivals among Japanese automakers (Acura, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti and (Yes) Lexus.

VW of America, under its new chief, Michael Horn, e-mailed dealers and owners in aggressive styles, which will be evident at the Orange County, LA auto show. October 2-5, south of Los Angeles, and south of LA County.