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High-Country Accessories for 2014 Silverado Model

DETROIT-GM tips its truck hand, unleashing 2014 model pickups ASAR (as soon as ready). Are 2013 brands backfiring?

Without delays until the 2014 show season unfolds in November, GM and GMAC are rolling out three firsts in the pickup market.


Intent on pressing its lead over competitors in the fullsize pickup market, GM and its fullsize products, in cars and trucks are greeting the “falling leaf” season with enhanced accessories packaging options designed to lift average suggested prices to $50,000 levels, with High Country items never before offered in such abundance. “We’re badging new Silverados and Sierras to the max,” says Silverado marketing chief Lloyd Breimann.

To all this, Ford replies: “Look out,” Ford’s King Ranch F-150, the Toyota Tundra and Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn are strong rivals.

GM’s push into the pickup market is an open challenge to Chevrolet’s and GMC’s fullsize trucks. “We see that segment, that portion of the market growing sharply,” said Breimann, “and we want to be there.”

U.S.-based and Japanese purveyors of pickup trucks have rarely taken off the new-model gloves so close to formal preview deadlines-not only that, but GM is opening accessories packages kept secret until 2014-model premieres.

Here’s the High-Country Accessories package that will beef up the pickup sales war with Ford F-150.

  • Cross Bar Chrome Grille
  • 20-Inch Chrome Wheels
  • LED Projector Headlights
  • Heated and Cooled Front Seats
  • Only One Color and “Premium” Engine-6.2L V-8
  • Corner Steps
  • Sunroof
  • NAV/Entertainment Package
  • Stabilization Control Program

For high-charged Fullsize Truckers, High Country Leather Badge Logo’s aimed at Texas Market.

Not to forget:Ford COO Mark Field’s ride to the top of the Texas State Fair’s flagpole in 2010. Fields amasses more products as he presses to beat GM in sales for 2013-14. “Ford First” is Mark’s mantra. The Hoboken kid hopes this will boost Ford’s car sales per dealer this year.

Instead of a surge in North American sales of Detroit’s domestic deliveries, the Big Three enjoyed near-record bulges in pickup truck sales while “share grabbers” VW/Audi leveled off in market share pursuits. Also Hyundai/Kia fell flat without pickup trucks picking up the void.