Hot Cars and Hot Topics

“Hot cars and hot topics” will permeate the 49th observance of the not-to-be-missed annual seminar of Dave Cole’s Center for Automotive Research August 5-8 in dynamic Traverse City, MI.

Among the speakers touting “hot cars” as fodder for “hot topics” will be conference-chairman emeritus Dave Cole, son of the late GM Chairman and CEO Ed Cole.

Dave’s focus on future trends in the motoring world led him to devote this year’s agenda with following “hot topics: labor leadership, starring UAW president Bob King, a centrist in labor relations; “connectivity and vehicle tech providers; (added belatedly-driverless vehicles!); “featherweight competition-the path to a lightweight car”); “creative public/private cooperation”) or will U.S. ever sell off its GM and Chrysler stock.); “sustainability” or “keeping car quality high, and not least the swanky new Jaguar XJL-how did they do it and what held back all the other 2014 supercars? (Speaker Dr. Mark White, chief engineer of Jag and Land Rover will field questions; connectivity and electricity; who will be first; Are e-cars doomed to defeat or can charger posts be built at every Shell station, Interstate road stop, hotel, restaurant or parking lot?

The Forthcoming TC confab will be co-chaired by two auto industry tycoons: Senior economist Dr. Sean Mcalinden and CAR exec V-P Dr. Jay Baron, president and CEO of CAR.

Gov’s of the top two auto producing states (Jay Nixon, MO, and Rick Snyder,) MI, not the heaviest of weights, will also address the conference.