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Hyundai Revs up New Model Wars

South Korean auto-makers Hyundai/Kia continue to escalate their new-model campaigns.

The 2014 Kia Cadenza is deployed in a manner similar the successful midsize sedan rollout of the Equus 15-20 years ago and the Hyundai Sonata rollouts. Hyundai’s choice later of the classic midsize Cadenza name for its new car, combined with the release of safety accessories well ahead of Honda and Toyota, again underlines Hyundai Kia’s bid to lead its rivals in safety accessorizing.

Hyundai Kia Motors

Cadenza print ads disclose a platform of Hyundai/Kia firsts on the Cadenza, such as a “Lane Departure Warning System”, an “Infotainment System” with “hands-free connectivity”, “adaptive front lighting”, a “Panoramic Sunroof” and in a departure from mandated scheduled maintenance, a comprehensive maintenance beyond even Hyundai/Kia’s present limits of 10,000 miles on powertrains to 37,500 miles on all other features, instead like Hyundai’s Equus full-size sedan, and Kia’s full-size sibling sedan, the Hyundai/Kia team is making waves in all segments of the market.

The fact that Hyundai now builds midsize cars loaded with styling and safety advancements in Montgomery, AL (Sonatas and Santa Fe SUVs, while sibling Kia keeps abreast with its SUVs from West Point GA, adds built in American touches to more and more South Korean vehicles.) Declares 2014 Cadenza ads, with much bravado, the all–new 2014 Cadenza is “impossible to ignore.” Hyundai’s and Kia’s teams did stumble in 2012 when they overran US MPG levels on 2014 models, but their celerity in sending owners reimbursement checks once again pointed up the credibility of the South Korean auto industry.

It’s noteworthy that the U.S. role in repelling the North Korean invasion of South Korea 60 years ago now is being celebrated. South Korean car products such as the Cadenza and Sonata now are sold and praised worldwide. Check out the new South Korean cars at the Frankfurt and Los Angeles auto shows this autumn. They are out front in ways consumers will appreciate!