Is Print Going Away?

“Babies born now will never read anything in print. Face the reality that print will eventually go away,” according to Ben Horowitz, as quoted by Wooden Horse News from the technology entrepreneur’s speech at the American Magazine Conference in October. . . . The Newsletter also quoted John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist, ” Print is still the most efficient medium to get across detailed information.” . . . Apparently, The Wall Street Journal agrees, it will launch a new quarterly magazine in March, WSJ. Money. Also according to Wooden Horse. WSJ.Money will focus on all the good things that go with having a good deal of green. The editor is Mike Miller. Contact: 212-416-2000.

The trend to digital prompted internet media guru Clay Shirky to comment, “publishing isn’t a job anymore, it’s a button” – which, is why many writers are learning to press one. A number of new startups have simplified the task of making apps for Apple’s Newsstand. 29th Street Publishing is among them, Wooden Horse reports, while Glossi, it says, is a publishing platform that enables its users to create their own online magazines on laptops, tablets and smartphones. . . .Then there’s the question for self-publishers getting paid. Mark Walsh offers a solution in OnlineMediaDaily – a relatively new company in New York City: Tinypass. From bloggers up to large media companies, Tinypass provides the software means to collect fees, subscriptions, metered reading and other payment arrangements.

Karl Greenberg reports in Marketing Daily, “Ebay Motors is reaching out to the enthusiast crowd with a new Web Site devoted to aftermarket customizers and car lovers looking for muscle cars, classics and automotive odds and ends.” It is called eBay Garage. He says, “Kind of like a Facebook for cars, the site lets visitors ‘like’ a vehicle, follow a customizing project someone else is doing, follow conversations, etc. And sell aftermarket parts and accessories. . . . . National Speed Sport News, which re-launched last year as a monthly magazine, has partnered with Emmy-award winning producer Jim Roller to spearhead its video, television and production efforts under the Speed Sport TV flag. Plans include an online video channel featuring on-demand and streaming events, professional video and television production services, and developing and producing programs for broadcast. For more information contact Joe Tripp at 406-564-6190.

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