Journalist Credentialing, EV Cup Launch, Auto Racing Books

Credentialing journalists for an Auto Show may be contentious in Detroit but it is confirmative in Chicago where Nissan has taken over a long standing sotto voce program to help selected journalists with travel and housing costs while covering the Chicago Auto Show. In addition, each exhibiting manufacturer will be given a unique URL to use in inviting up to 300 journalists per brand. Those invited will use that URL to register with the Show offices and print out their own badge. This will include social media communicators the manufacturers consider important to them. Inquiries about these programs should be directed to the Chicago Auto Show offices at

For those who missed it here is a link to a TV spot for car lovers submitted by one of our readers. Shown only in Europe, it ostensibly is selling for Shell Oil Company but it is the Ferraris used in it that make the spot sing!

Shell Ferrari Commercial

CDWrite reports “Green Racing Is Go!” The EV Cup racing series was officially launched January 13 and already has seven events scheduled in the UK, Spain, Portugal and the USA. The racing will include two principal one-make classes of zero emission electric cars: the celebrity-supported City EV cars, where drivers will compete in carbon-free, race-prepared urban THINK hatchback cars; and the Sports EV class, which will feature 120mph Westfield iRacers. A third category will be the Prototype EV class, based upon time trials and showcasing the latest, ultra-fast, non-production electric race cars, some with potential top speeds of 150mph and more. Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency (CAA) will provide celebrity racers. For more information query:

Five new racing books with outstanding photography or illustrations are being promoted by Kristopher Skellenger. They are: Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2009-2010; Porsche 956 & 96: Immortal Endurance Racers 1982-1994; Sports Car Racing in Camera: 1950-1959; Pro Stock Drag Racing and Chevy-Powered Drag Racing (What, no Hemi’s?). For more information and possible review copies, contact Skellenger at: . . .Jim Kenzie, writing for the Toronto Star, notes that the paper’s “Wheels” section which he helped start is entering its 25th year and he believes it was the first dedicated automotive section in any daily newspaper in North America.

The DetroitBureau.Com has posted “A Dozen Ways To Improve Your Mileage.” . . . Steve Parker reports “another moment” in his life’s hectic adventure: successfully conducting a one-hour seminar/consultation and Q&A by phone from his second home (a Cedars Sinai hospital bed) with automotive industry participants in L.A., Boston, India and Japan. His health is relatively good, he says, but he did have to overcome the screaming of a dementia patient in the next room and a Tagalong-speaking Filipino nurse trying to interrupt the session to take his blood pressure. Hardly the first big business deal concluded at the famed hospital to the stars but perhaps the first automotive one.