Lane Changes: Farago Leaves The Truth About Cars

Robert Farago resigns from The Truth About Cars

Robert Farago resigns from
 The Truth About Cars

Robert Farago has resigned from The Truth About Cars blog he founded and ferociously energized for 10 years. No explanation or hint of future plans. Edward
, succeeds him as editor of the feisty web site.

Welcome news for auto writers is that Amos  Automotive is increasing the frequency of its enthusiast publications and is adding a new print and digital title, Chevy Enthusiast. Richard Truesdale, who edits his own web site,, is the editor and welcomes feature pitches for the publication, For more details on the changes at Amos, plans for the new magazine and how best to pitch Truesdale, check the full news release on the Blog

Ruth Ferguson editor@northdallasgazette publishes a car review per week. . . . Reporter William Johnson, , is the automotive contact for the Opelousas (LA) Daily World. . . . Kevin Kelly is now a freelance contributing-editor for Automotive Design and Production and is a member of Consumer Reports’ Best Buys Jury. . . . Veteran automotive PR operative Dan Passe writes that the doors of Passe Consulting Incorporated (PCI) are now open in Charlotte, NC with “a network of professionals that allows the company to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all of a client’s needs or to provide targeted support in a given area.”

The My Favorite Car column at the Modesto Bee is no longer staff written. Now, readers are invited to submit write ups and photos conforming to a specific format . . .Sunset Custom Media currently does not have an auto related publication but is in talks with several companies . . . AutoWeek Radio has been launched on Radio America with Thomas Berg as the host. . . . Editor Vince Bodiford reports that The Weekend Drive has been relocated from Colorado to Scottsdale, Ariz. And that it has been greatly overhauled in the process with new content, style features and color palette, upgraded consumer offerings, videos, a new blog, a Twitter page feed and most importantly a much larger team of regional editors and contributors that are listed at Additionally, The Weekend Drive is contributing and sharing content with Speed and will produce video broadcast packages from various show venues for SpeedTV.

Tress Eveleth is now editor-in-chief of Dupont Publishing . . . Jonathan Stein has returned to Detroit from Europe to take on the duel role of editor of Automotive News and of Automotive News Europe . . . . Mark Fulmer of the Auto Channel recently changed his email to  . . . Marti Longworth has departed Diesel World Magazine and executive editor Chris Neprasch is the press contact:

Source Interlink has shortened its email domain name to . . . Joe Arellano is The Car Blog’s lead editor at: . . . . The correct email address for The Diesel Show in Birmingham, AL. is . . . Steve Purdy, Detroit Editor for The Auto Channel, has changed his email address to: . . . Long time Detroit area auto journalist and PR operative, Marge Sorge, now runs The Detroit Regional News Hub with the avowed purpose of leading visiting foreign as well as local journalists to positive stories in and about the Motor City. Sponsored by local and regional civic organizations, the web site is:  . . . Bernie Woodall joins the automotive team in Reuters’ Detroit bureau. . . . ATV Television has switched to the full-feed broadcast service, Untamed Sports TV that is available to 18 million households via Direct TV and 18 million via digital broadcast and cable providers, not necessarily unduplicated.

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  1. Kevin Kelly


    Thanks for including my details in the newsletter. I have some changes and corrections that need to be made, however. First, I am glad to report that I am back with my previous employer full-time working as Senior Editor of Automotive Design and Production and a new title the company acquired this year, Time Compression, which focuses on technology designed to speed product development, whether it be CAD/CAM or PLM systems, as well as rapid prototyping. Also, I am on the auto Best Buys jury for Consumers Digest, not Consumer Reports. Thanks.


  2. Terry Parkhurst

    A person really has to wonder what led Robert Farago to leave behind TTAC. It had become as much about who he was, as what he was: a pretty good editor.

    I’ve read that the new owners, who had wanted to keep Robert around as editor-in-chief, wanted to slash pay to contributors from the measly $10 they’d been getting. I wonder what most people reading TTAC would think if they knew the site’s contributors got that for their work?

    I can still recall when Csaba Csere left C/D someone with TTAC who wrote about that – might have been Ed Niedermeyer actually suggested to Csaba, if he was reading, that he might want to work for TTAC. At ten dollars a pop? Not bloody likely.

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