You are currently viewing Mazda is still “zooming,” would you believe?

Mazda is still “zooming,” would you believe?

The Japanese import is adopting a new neologism to adorn its future license plates, including the bracketed “zoom zoom,” which dates back from SkyActiv and after that to the rather bland “Game Changers.”

Mazda U.S. chief Jim O’Donnell, who adheres to the two-word verbiage as a boost to his drive for 300,000 U.S. sales this year, is battling surges at Nissan, Subaru and Audi in his Mazda comeback strategy.

Mazda’s diesel A6 is being marketed with art and hyperbole tempting diesel fans who miss the old rotary engines. It surpasses the flaccid 626 and will give the Audi S3 a run for sales despite the latter’s 4WD and turbocharger.

One has to admire the literary lines of Mazda’s current 2014 model advertising for the comeback car-the “all new Mazda6.”

Asserts Mazda ads, “this kind of conviction, creativity and courage is how Mazda has revolutionized the modern sports sedan.”

Never too modest, Mazda shows marketing chutzpah meriting ads-of-the-year awards.

Mazda is reaching out to several unique ploys in its run for the roses. Just as it did with the exclusive rotary combustion engine and Mazda Miata many years ago.

Current new slogans for the Mazda6 diesel-engine sedan, boasting a $20,880 price and claiming 38 highway MPG.

MPG is an academic-type lingo boosting Maker-bot printers for office or personal 3D printers. What printer/replicator Bre Pettis’ has to do with the Mazda6 story or the Mazda diesel is unclear, as is a new declaration by Mazda: “CONVICTION. CREATIVITY. COURAGE.”

“The all-new Mazda6 is a true beauty. It should be a “car of the year” medalist despite all the zoom-zooming!