New Roads: December 2009

Quench Media announced the launch of, a new portal for complete news and information on recreational towing. Editor and publisher Brett Becker launched the new site because, he says, “there was a need for a Web site, with high production values, that provided information and advice on how to do things safely in towing and trailering. He adds that he has poured all the knowledge gained from his years of experience in towing and trailering into the site with the goal of helping others, “pull it right and get there in one piece.”

A group of ‘Green Enthusiasts’ has launched a green portal to increase awareness of environmental issues that affect the future of the planet. is updated 24/7 with green news, events, technologies, videos, web resources and success stories in the field of energy conservation, sustainability and environmental protection. . . . Online Media reports that Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp and Time, Inc. are working on a “new digital storefront.”  It would keep Apple or other platform providers from controlling digital distribution. Apple is ready to introduce its competitor to the Kindle reader this spring.

Kevin Clemens sent us a news release about a new automotive and transportation book review site, but we misplaced the release. So here is a description from the site: “ was created to provide readers with reviews of automotive and transportation books and other media such as videos and DVDs. The books we review include: Automobiles, Motorcycles, Trucks, Boats and Ships, Trains, Buses, Airplanes and Aviation, as well as racing, rally, and adventure stories that have to do with planes, trains, ships and automobiles. Although we primarily review new or recent books, you will also find many classic and out-of-print books in our reviews because we like them! Many of the books we review are produced by small and specialty publishers and we put a priority on such presses. We also accept self-published books- as long as they have an ISBN. The reviews are property of the reviewer, but may be excerpted or copied completely, as long as credit is given to the reviewer and to”