New Roads: February 2010

Steve Purdy will launch a new web-only (not broadcast) radio show, Shunpiker’s Journal on Tuesday, February 16. The hour-long show starts at 11: a.m. on the new web-based radio network, EST, AwCom presumes, for the Detroit area-based journalist. Although the first show will feature a live report of the Hyundai Sonata launch from Torrey Pines, Calif. The network has been created by Lansing business mogul, Chris Holman, and veteran radio guy, Walt Sorg. He welcomes show comments and suggestions at

Cafe Racers

Marty Schorr has launched a new web site: to encourage “car guys” and gals to form “non-club clubs” with no officers, dues or requirements except bonding those who regularly gather to talk nothing but cars. Gatherings such as the enthusiasts meeting Saturday morning at the Do-Nut in Manhattan Beach, Cal., at the Rochester Hills, Mich., Breakfast Club or those seated at the Tuesday Car Table often graced by auto writing luminary Denise McCluggage in Albuquerque, N.M. What she wrote about that group applies to all such passionate colloquiums: “Tuesday Car table is not a club; it’s a fixed place and time and a floating assemblage of people who are keen on cars.” Through the site, Schorr offers “free guidance for serious car enthusiasts to use our model ( and create multi-marquee Café Racers lunch groups where they live. They can contact us ( for startup information. Once up and running, they can develop a web presence, link to our website, network with other Café Racers and use our logo. And it’s all free.”

Automotive Rhythms has revamped its, web site that includes a user-friendlier platform, custom design and innovative features to make it easier for visitors to find everything from auto reviews and car customization to lifestyle trends and travel. The Web site also features AR’s signature broadband video program, ARtv Live.