New Roads for Richard Baron, Barbara Terry and Dan Gray | new roads | Richard Baron
Richard Baron

Design director Richard Baron writes: “Recently left Road & Track after 30 + years. Pursuing a variety of freelance publishing projects. Currently involved with Porsche Panorama magazine as well as working on a major automotive history book project, soon to be published. Also work with developing ‘Life With Cars‘ radio program, soon to be launched in Seattle. Washington. Thank You!” He can be reached at: or 714-404-8036. | new roads | Barbara Terry
Barbara Terry

Barbara Terry sent along a slide presentation describing a new facet of her automotive communications career: Public Relations services. Based on her success in parlaying her automotive know-how and skills to recognition in all forms of media and dozens of sponsorships, she’s now offering to help others realize the advantages of a well-conceived PR plan. She can be reached at: 310 968 4566 or

Dan Gray writes about a new video series he plans: “Hi Glenn – Many thanks for the fantastic job you do with the Autowriters Newsletter!” I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on | new roads | Dan Gray - Ain't Fuelin' Kickstarter for a new video series, “Ain’t Fuelin’!”  This new series seeks to answer the question: ‘Is it possible to improve the fuel efficiency of an older car with simple aftermarket bolt-ons and proper maintenance? If so, to what degree? Small incremental changes add up. I’m betting that we can increase highway fuel efficiency by 10-20 percent by: performing a full synthetic fluid swap, installing a set of low-rolling-resistance tires & lightweight alloy wheels, bolting-on a set of lowering springs, applying small aerodynamic tweaks, and plugging in an OBDII driver feedback device. You may have heard that President Obama is calling for an additional 2 Billion Dollars to fund advanced vehicle research for new cars. That may be all well and good, but what about the cars we already own? “For every new car that’s sold in America each year, three used cars change hands. If we could incrementally improve the fuel efficiency of the iron that’s already on the street? We need to find out:

Ohana Road, Hawaii’s award winning automotive infotainment TV show is now Hawaii’s newest radio entity NBC Sports Radio AM 1500 has slotted Ohana | new roads | Ohana Road Road to kick off Saturday, 11 -12 a.m. starting April 20, 2013. The show will be repeated Sunday’s 9-10 a.m. Produced / Hosted by Bill Maloney and Island Driver TV’s Ed Kemper and sponsored by Honolulu Ford Lincoln the one hour show will feature fine tuned segments on: New car profiles, local auto events hosted by racing lady Shelley Wilson, Classic car auction reports live from Newport Beach, Ca with Kelley Blue Book editor Phil Skinner, historical automotive flashbacks hosted by Dale Payson, auto industry reports and motor sports updates.  Many movie, TV and sports celebrities will appear via their appearances on Ohana Road TV. In mid-April the program will be available world wide via streaming video on NBC Sports Radio web site.

Bloomberg Pursuits, a glossy, luxury magazine, is increasing its frequency from 2 to 4 times a year. New editor Ted Moncrieff, says his moneyed readers like stories that go behind the product to the underlying values.

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