New Roads: Google Experiments With Self-Selected News

Google is experimenting with Google News to enable its readers to better self-select the kind of news they will receive and how often. Online Media Daily’s Laurie Sullivan says the purpose is to enable marketers to better target their ads. No mention of readers “cocooning” with what makes them feel good. . . . . offers relief from that parochial feeling. Published in England, it claims to be “the auto-industry’s leading online resource” with a stable of well-known writers in the U.K. and the Continent publishing 200 plus stories a day and circulating to 89,000 paid industry subscribers. . . .The Wooden Horse News reports that Forbes will acquire True/Slant, a new “content farmer.”   . . . Larry Edsall, in garage door arta special to the Detroit News tells of a firm in Germany offering a billboard for your garage door. Found at, there are 200 photo murals to choose from and sized for single, two-car or multi-door garages. Included are head-on views of cars, the entrance to a car wash and a wine cellar.  . . . Other auto murals, not for garage doors but office walls are being offered now by Legacy Diecast at  and by Car Art, Inc., where murals can be commissioned with the addition of two large art specialists, John Gable and Barry Malone .  . . . Autoline Detroit has made Michelle Naranjo’sOpen Line” a regular Monday night feature starting at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific time. Callers set the agenda for the freewheeling auto talk show.  . . .Colin Wilson writes that his all-inclusive Race Tech magazine has gone digital at and free digital versions of last month’s Race Tech and Moto Tech magazines are available there. There’s also a 24-hour news feed covering all aspects of motorsport, a calendar of motorsport events worldwide and other features.

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