New Roads: September 2009

Eric Killorin has published the first issue of the Car Pub Insider blog which he says, “gathers, researches, analyzes, and comments on the unprecedented challenges facing our industry” . . . Race Fan Radio has introduced Next Level, a new 60-minute interactive show devoted to young, up-and-coming racers. To learn more, check To book someone for the show call 877-596-7223 or email

New to AWCOM is the more than 50 hybrid related blogs and websites, According to Jeff Carey, monarch of this kingdom, “Rather than build one website/blog to write about all aspects of hybrid-electric vehicles, we are building specialized niche sites for hybrid SUVs, hybrid cars, hybrid trucks, the 3rd generation Prius, and more. The most popular of them currently is  . . . Another new and unusual blog brought to AWCOM’s attention is authored by John Walker who says it is an “Experimental fiction concerning the life of a surviving identical twin who inherits an Oldsmobile 442 and slowly becomes the man his brother might have been while coming to terms with death.” . . . Yet another Blog new to AWCOM is The Cultural Blog Garage, “a social site for those whose common bond is a passion for all things combustion. It meets at the cross streets of automobiles and culture.”

USA Today has a number of mobile editions in the works. “Company officials forecast a huge market for mobile readers in the near future,” according to Media Daily News. . . . The Rocky Mountain Independent is a news Web site serving residents of Denver and surrounding area. It is staffed by former editors of the shuttered Rocky Mountain News. Steve Foster, Cindy House and John Moore are co-editors. For more information, check