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GAMMA Buick Luncheon
The Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association’s new web site: includes new car reviews, auto industry news, photos from its meetings and other activities and links to its social media pages.


IMPA Test Days 2010 will host a Pocono Concours celebrating those olden, golden days when tires had whitewalls and bumpers were formed from chrome-plated steel. Members who owns a vintage, modified or special interest vehicle and Auto manufacturers with heritage collections are invited to bring a classic car as well for display on Sept. 30


Nissan 370z Roadster

Photos of the Association’s Annual “Run To The Sun” shot by John Vincent and captioned by Sam Moses are posted on Moses’ new web blog (soon to be web site) NewCarSnark at


Members invited to a special Mazda evening program Sept. 21st at the Lars Anderson Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Mass.


TAWA web master Mary Collins announced a re-designed TAWA website that is easier to use and now has a directory in the members section. More features will be added, she said.

TAWA’s annual Craft Competition closed to entries after Sept. 14

The Association will hold its annual membership meeting Sept. 243 at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.


WAPA co-sponsored member Vern Parker’s “Street Dreams” invitational antique car show, Sept. 5, It was a continuation of Out of the Past Revue car show which featured cars profiled by Parker in the pages of The Washington Times auto section over the last 20 years.

The association also participated in a “Dress For Success” luncheon where members donated suitable clothing for students in need to wear on job interviews.

The Washington Auto Show has doubled its run from five days to 10 days, Jan. 28 to Feb.6.

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