Nyet for Uno plus Uno

One-On-One car shootouts are grist for the mill among auto magazines, as demonstrated in the Automobile Magazine’s dubious pairing of the VW GTI against the Cadillac ATS in its December 2012 issue.

The hangup on matching these two sports sedans lies in omission of other models in the youth-appealing segment-not least from Lexus, Infiniti, Lincoln and Acura.

“Comparo” stories could go on all night and day without affording readers a true evaluation of the merits of the one-on-one prevailer-or the flaws in the powerplant or design of the loser.

Can it be apparent that it’s more significant to compare all players in a segment than merely one brand whose ad budget outscores another single brand? ‘Uno vs. Uno? No, No, no. Uno vs alia is more meaningful.