Old Roads March 2010

New books for fresh drives down old roads include two coffee-table stunners from David Bull Publishing: “Phil Hill: A Driving Life,” and “The Ferrari Phenomenon.”  The first collects 26 of the late World Champion’s best stories from his years as a contributor to Road And Track Magazine.  It is amply illustrated and offers Hill’s personal recollections of some of his contemporary motor racingThe Ferrari Phenomenon by Matt Stone + Luca Del MOnte greats. AWCom promptly shipped its review copy to a writer who has interviewed Hill, followed his career and, promises a review for our next issue. In the interim contact dbull@dbullpublishing for more information, including a chance for a limited publisher’s edition signed by key people in Hill’s career. Our copy of The Ferrari Phenomenon awaits a similar deal, preferably one that will produce a review for us and for another outlet. Written by Matt Stone and Luca Del Monte, the book offers “a fresh, wide ranging and innovative perspective on the world’s most iconic car manufacturer,” reads David Bull’s cover letter.

Veteran Midwest journalist Ted Evanoff, formerly with the Detroit Free Press and now with the Indianapolis Star, has co-authored, At The Crossroads, out this month from ECW Press in Toronto. Written with Abe Aamidor, who wrote Shooting Star: The Rise and Fall of the British Motorcycle Industry, the book has been labeled “a brilliant study of the auto industry.” At The Crossroads delves into the bailout of Detroit, the history of the automakers and the UAW, the decline of factory cities in the region, and the failure of public policy to reinvigorate the industrial Midwest. It’s available on-line at Barnes & Noble, Borders and Amazon.

Another veteran auto writer, Ted West, has completed his first novel, “Closing Speed.” It is a fictionalized account of the 1970 Ferrari – Porsche World Manufacturers Championship war he covered for Road & Track.  Published by Demontreville Press, the 335 page book will be out in April. For more information contact  Kevin  Clemens at: publisher@demontrevillepress.com . . .  Burt ‘BS’ Levy, self- proclaimed “Fastest Novelist In the World,” has changed the outdate for his new book “The 200 MPH Steamroller” to early summer and reverted to one fat volume from a mid-stream decision to tell it in two skinny ones.