Pit Notes – April 2010

BMW‘s “Historic Workshop in Germany, once reserved for company-owned vehicles now takes in customer cars. Two other similar company-run Classic Car centers have been opened in Europe and a Classic Center will be opened in the U.S. States as soon as a suitable partner can be found,” according to Ralf Vierlein, head of sales and aftersales for BMW Group. He said, “We have the theoretical knowledge of the vehicles, the technical know-how, the original BMW parts and the necessary infrastructure to connect everything up systematically.”

Tom Kelley recommends WWW.Bringatrailer.com because it is all about Barn finds, rally cars, and needles in the haystack, thereby saving collectors and cherry-pickers a lot of time otherwise spent in searching through catalogs and the Internet. . . . Jeff Mohr advises that removing the ball hitch on your vehicle can reduce the chance of whiplash by 22 per cent. He can be reached at: superbumper@quwestoffice.net. Another site that might be helpful is www.RealWorldAutomotive.com. It endeavors to answer the arcane as well as the mundane auto questions.

Car Art, Inc. is now partnering with the Vintage Racing League — the world’s leading community for people that love racing and cars. . . . Gale Banks Engineering is pleading with the State of California to get its California Air Resources Board off the dime and issue new diesel smog test standards. He and other diesel product manufacturers have been in limbo for eight years, unable to have their products tested and certified because no new tests have been developed.

At the risk of setting a precedent we can’t always honor down the road, AWCom passes along Dan Kahn’s enthusiasm that his www.KahnMedia.com has been hired for PR services by HRE Wheels. . . . Having written and read news releases for more than 30 years, John Dinkel found it difficult to write one that didn’t seem like the real thing. So his spoof announcement of his appointment to a non-existent NHTSA post brought consternation as well as congratulations among its recipients – and required a follow-up acknowledging it had been an April 1 prank. . . . The new regional auto writers group in Georgia, GAAMA, manifested itself at this year’s Atlanta Auto Show by selecting Jaguar XJL as the runaway winner of the GAAMA Peach Award. GAMMA vice president Ryan Rees also passed along monthly meeting topics for May and June (see Calendar). . . . And last, Michael Lamm passes along this link if you want to “turn your Kia into a car”.